Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Ramadhan

Photo of old mosque in Badiagara, in Mali, by Jane Fatima Casewit
Hello my dearest friends,
It has been quite a long time since the last time I posted anything here. I have been so very, very busy. I will be moving to a new house sometimes in the next two weeks, I cook a lot-thank YOU for believing in my cooking and keeping me smelling like the kitchen 24/6, of course my hands and back deserve a day off in a week- and I am glad that I finally am back to school. YAY!

I also would like to confess how sorry (and a bit ashamed, myself) that even though the title of my blog is "Eat, Read, Love" but I haven't posted anything about books *ouch!*.
I need to tell you how much of a nerd I am. I read everything, every time I have free time, and everywhere, in places you won't even believe possible and really, I praise myself highly for that, and I have lots to tell you in writing but have never found the right time to write the review. But then again, what I will do to get synchronized with my blog title is just to put up the titles of the book I read, have been reading, and will read and just give stars to rate it.
LOL! I am so lame it hurts :p 

Anyhow, enough with making myself sound like a lazy fool.
It is a time full of blessings and sweet surprises.
Time to catch up with all the good deeds that we seem to forget doing even though we keep reminding ourselves to do it but keep forgetting it all over again, vicious cycle, I know.
Time for fathers to go home early to their families. 
Time for mothers to wreck havoc in the kitchen preparing the best dishes possible.
Time for children to learn a bit, if not a lot, about religion and compassion.
Time for everyone to have more time conversing quietly with their God.

I wish you a great Ramadhan.
May you and your family will always be blessed by Allah SWT.


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