My Books

I write.

For so many reasons, I love putting my thoughts into written words. I was one of the lucky people who were given a chance to publish a book, or two, or three. In my case, several books and counting.

It was a clear, crisp morning when I chatted with a friend of mine who has a friend that happened to stumble upon my Facebook page, yes I was still using Facebook mainly at that time, and then read my blog. To my surprise, my friend’s friend is an editor in a big publishing house. She saw pictures of my daughter, Amiko, who loves to eat vegetables. She had an idea to make a children’s book about a girl who loves vegetable so much, for there are so many kids nowadays who prefer fast and unhealthy food laden with whatever chemical compound in it. I was thrilled. She offered me a chance that I would never in a zillion years turn down.

So I made a proposal about ‘my book’. I want it to be more than just a story book. I want it to be informative. Not just, “Hey, you must eat your spinach.. You know that the carrots and peas would cry if you don’t eat them, do you?” stuffs. I wish for the kids to know why they must eat vegetables, not in a lecturing tone, what benefit can a certain vegetable give to our overall health, and moreover, how and where it is grown. The publisher loved the idea and more to my surprise, I was given a chance to write a serial. Not just one book. But several.

The story revolves around a girl named Miko who loves gardening, and bugs, and her friends. So she’s a tad bit silly and always adventurous. I did lots of research and even grow the vegetables I wrote so I can take pictures and include it in the book. At the end of the book, I include one simple recipe that is easy and kids friendly, so friendly they can make it themselves, of course parental guidance is needed.

So here are some that I wrote and already published. They can be purchased in bookstores in Indonesia, mainly at Gramedia Bookstores. I provide a link in case you want to buy it online straight from the publisher. Just click the title of the book and purchase this light, fun, yet very informative books for your little ones.

Nyam Nyam Enaknya Mentimun

Nyam Nyam Enaknya Wortel

Nyam Nyam Enaknya Tomat

Yuk, Mengenal Tanaman Obat Jahe

Nyam Nyam Enaknya Bayam

Yuk, Mengenal Tanaman Obat Serai

Some of the books are still not available online so you have to find them at Gramedia Bookstore throughout Indonesia. But worry not if online is what you wish, here is the link to my publisher, Kelompok penerbit Gramedia (KPG) 

I hope you enjoy hanging around my blog. have a fabulous day!



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