Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MaMiko's Reduced Fat Quiches

Dearest friends,

Ever since I started selling my quiche around mid 2011, I've received so many lovely feedbacks and I cannot thank you enough for loving them.

MaMiko's quiche is totally made with love and warm thoughts of you. I have always been a big fan of quiche. It's versatile, great to be eaten warm or at room temperature, has a decent shelf life, highly nutritious, fulfilling, and most of all, quiche is such a crowd pleaser that brings a hum-dee-dum feeling that satisfies our taste buds.

I do have to underline that I do my quiche differently. Apart from its high nutritional value, common quiche is laden with saturated fat from the use of excessive yolks, double cream, full cream milk, and not to mention the large amount of shortening, which is something I have never and never will use in any of my cooking, to give a crisp edge to the pastry. For the pastry, I use little amount of butter with no yolk. As for the filling, I do not use cream nor full cream milk. I only use low fat milk and the best vegetables in the market to enrich the flavor

I have 3 available fillings of choice:
-Smoked Beef & Mushroom
-Spinach & Mushroom
-Eggplant & Cheese (mushroom by request)

22cm diameter Rp125.000,-
13cm diameter Rp32.500,- (min.3 pans)

These lovely quiches are baked on the delivery date. So please always order in advance to ensure the availability of the shiitake mushroom. Why shiitake mushroom? It's simple. As a proud Asian and a health food lover, shiitake packs most fiber and nutrition than other kinds of mushrooms. It renders a distinctive taste to a dish. 

So are you ready to have a delectable, reduced fat quiche?
Click here to order. Be sure to hide a slice from your friends and family. 
They are THAT good J

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