Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Yolk, Less Sweet Prol Tape

Tape is loved by many people in Indonesia.

Made by fermenting the cassava, the once hard and starchy roots become soft and sweet and totally heavenly. Used as an addition or the main ingredient in many desserts and drinks, Tape has never failed to please its many fans.

One of the Tape dish that I love for as long as I can remember is Prol Tape. It is a dense, fudgey bar whose texture will remind you of flourless chocolate cake without the chocolate. Funny and rather enigmatic isn't it?

But wait till you have a bite...

Traditionally, Prol Tape is made with many, many egg yolks and heaps of sugar. Boy, it is such a sinful indulgence! Tape itself is sweet already so I try to bring out its original flavor and make it easier for our consciousness by using zero yolk and Tropicana Slim Low Calorie Cane Sugar.

The result is a very light, clean tasting Prol Tape.

But if you are worried that it wont be a Prol Tape without the creaminess that the yolks give, I also make the 'Less Yolk' version but still uses Tropicana Slim Low Calorie Cane Sugar to satisfy your craving and give the Prol a bit of creaminess without going overboard and rise your cholesterol level significantly.

Order up!
Price: Rp87.500,-
Size : 30x10cm
Choice of batter: No Yolk/Less Yolks
Choice of toppings: Raisins/Sliced Almonds

Call/text us at 081.219219139
BB Pin is available by request.

ACHTUNG! This bar is highly addictive.

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