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When I first started MaMiko, all I ever wanted was to let people know that I sell healthy everyday comfort food. I began with selling cookies that were less sweet, less fatty, and of course using only natural ingredients. Preservatives and coloring were a big no and still a big no up until now. At first, I was happy and I got that child-like giddiness when people bought my cookies and other food I sold.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Then as the time goes by, even though it has not even been a year yet, lots and lots of things have changed the way I do things and the way I think about cooking. I wanted to step up the game, put a higher stake, and go further from just selling low-fat cookies. Every day I serve my family the healthier version of comfort food and junk food and I thought of how I could help people cook something simple and healthy.

So I wrote.

If you notice the older posts in my blog, you would simply see a picture or two of the food, a little description about the ingredients, and the price. Then I began to write simple recipes, ones I actually develop myself and ones I found interestingly amusing to be made healthier. When I realized how much I enjoyed doing it, I became addicted. The mad scientist in me screamed, “More experiment! Substitute this with that… What if I add this? What’s the conversion again? Oh, this is just wrong! Oh… My… GOD!”
It was as if I unlocked a door to a path I was actually supposed to take from the very beginning. I don’t want just to sell food; I want to share my passion towards the kind of food I love so much. The stories related to it, the different ways to cook it, the variety of ingredients to spice things up, all the wonderful reasons I want people to know why I choose to cook what I cook.

All things happen in their own time.

I got an offer to do something like a co-sponsor for a healthy baby food cooking class by a dear friend of mine who happens to own a superb site about how-to homemade baby food Mamakukokihandal. She asked me whether I have a logo for MaMiko. I did not have any. So by all means, in just three days and tired from being pestered by me, my cousin made me a MaMiko logo.

I personally think it is UBER cute.

I am also happy I made the decision to put the words ‘healthier choice’ there because that is exactly what MaMiko is all about. I want people to know that there is always a healthier way to enjoy their favorite food and all they have to do is choose to do so.

In accordance with the motto healthier choice, I decided to make a strict guideline about MaMiko’s product. As you all know my food is free from anything artificial, preservatives, coloring, shortening, ghee, and frying method. If there is ever a campaign to stop fried food from existing, then I'm in. Anyhow, as I said before, MaMiko is evolving. I will incorporate more fiber in the new products, have some vegan treats, more unique recipes for my reader to cook at home, and most of all is to stop selling anything with more than 10-15 grams of butter per serving. 

Therefore I am (not that) sad to announce that I discontinue my Creamy Chocolate Chip Cookies product. I love cookies. I love great food. But I do not want to serve people something that tastes good but harmful to their health.  It is against my conscience. You will not find fancy fondant shapes and cute characters or colorful buttercreamed food here. I love the natural color of natural ingredients come together. It spells deliciousness.

I cannot escape butter for 100% especially for my quiche. But each serving of my quiche contains less than 10 grams of butter and that,my friend, is very little amount and should not pose any risk to your health if eaten moderately. If you want to avoid butter completely for quiche then you can request it and I shall use my olive oil pastry I use for all my pies. The details will be elaborated in my quiche post. 

I do have to thank Jamie Oliver and his ministry of food. Even though it does not reach Indonesia but their spirits to revolutionize the way people choose what is good for them to eat does reach deeply to me and my family. If you happen to love Jamie's cooking as much as I do and thinking of what cookbook of his you should buy for your cooking repertoire, or simply if you adore collecting beautiful cookbooks like I do, I strongly recommend Jamie's Food Revolution. You would find easy, healthy, affordable home cooking ideas in here.

What I wish to achieve by making my blog a friendly blog for people who, perhaps just curious in the beginning, are interested in healthy way of cooking and eating is that they would too try to whip up something easy and healthy for their loved ones. Also for people who want to buy my dishes, I want to serve them something seriously tasty without sacrificing their health.

I hope you will all continue to enjoy my blog and my cooking and spread the good words to your friends. I need as much help I can get to get more people realize how important it is, especially people with children and senior citizens, to avoid harmful ingredients in their food and destructive cooking method.

So, opt for healthier choice. MaMiko J

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