Friday, February 24, 2012

Wheat Kimchijeon

I really must be thankful for the so-called Korean wave that has been rampaging mothers, teens, kids, and *cough* boys for the past year. It seems that everything Korean becomes really cool. It is, actually, though I would not go so far as crying over Korean boy bands when they visited my town nor stuffing my iPod with only Korean songs. I do, though, admit that I love to watch some Kdramas , enjoy several songs that become their soundtracks, and even adore the casts, which are too beautiful too be true. I too have eyes for the cuties and there is no way I’m denying it. Now with that wave, came the urge to try eating what the Koreans eat. As we all know, the staple of Korean food is Kimchi.

I make kimchi.

I sell it.

People love it.

I am happy.


But apart from eating it as a side dish and transforming it into a delectable ramen, you can find my Kimchi Ramen recipe here , is there any other delicious way to have kimchi at home?

Of course! There are plenty of recipes using kimchi as base. I’ll share one with the easiest cooking method and with the ingredients which I am sure you have at home, assuming you already have the kimchi in your fridge. If you don’t, then I suppose you are a take away meal-type of woman. Or man. But that is absolutely fine.

Kimchijeon is actually cooked like pancake but with more oil, though not as much as deep frying it, to make rather crispy surface and sides. But here is my version, hassle free and less cleaning up after.

Makes enough for just 1 person.


-1/2 cup kimchi
-1/4 cup of wheat/all purpose flour
-1/2 tsp sugar
-3 tbs Kimchi brine
-3 tbs water
-2-3 tbs chopped onion
-1/4 tsp gochugaru/hot pepper powder (optional)
-A pinch of salt (optional)


- Chop the kimchi and do not squeeze the brine out of it.
-Mix all the ingredients.
-Spray some cooking oil on non-stick pan.
-Pour the batter and cook it like you cook pancakes.
-Serve it with chopped spring onions and sesame oil, if desired.

How easy is that?
Personally, I think this dish is and tastes beautiful.

This dish is vegan though you can add some prawns/squid if you want some seafood goodness. I would advise you to pre-cook the seafood first as to avoid rawness. The best time to eat this is… whenever you feel like it! I usually make it when I feel like having a savory snack between meals or late at night when I cannot afford to sleep just yet due to my study or stuck in game because I cannot defeat the big boss yet.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy hassle free cooking!

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