Friday, June 24, 2011

Low-Fat Apple Pie

I'm a fool for pies.
I can't say no.

Some of my friends asked me why didn't I sell pies.
The answer was actually very simple. To make a great pie, we cannot use disposable aluminium pan like when we want to bake and give dishes such as macaroni schootel. The bottom crust will just not as evenly baked as when we use glass pan or teflon or tin. So why not just sell it along with the pan?

That is the --perhaps not so important-- background story of this divine apple pie.
Now let's get down to the real deal *drooling because of the picture*.
The thing about pie is that the crust is always too fatty.
Oh, I LOVE buttery crust. It's the best thing since the invention of telephone.
But, these are the times of being health conscious and though I love that flaky, buttery crust, I must cut down on the fat for my sake and the people I love.

The crust of this apple pie is made Low-Fat, I do not use butter for the crust. But you can be sure it's not a problem and you won't miss the fat J
It looks elegant, and it is MaMiko's premium product.
Because it is perfect as a gift for special occasion such as Idul Fitri, Christmas, family gathering, etc. It is also very lovely to be given as a present for your child's teacher, neighbor, co-worker or supervisor in your office, or just simply have it for YOURSELF J

Sold together with the tin pan, this elegant and devilishly divine Low-Fat Apple Pie is 22cm in diameter.
Rp175.000 for a pan of apple heaven.

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