Friday, October 21, 2011

Flax & Oat Choco Bar-Gluten Free

The weekend is here!

“Baby, a friend of mine is coming over with his boys on Sunday. He’s the architect I told you about and I need him to have a look at our house. The thing is, his wife is out of town for work. So I hope it’s okay for you that I invited him here for a quick brunch. I wonder whether you can make some snacks. You know, those without gluten something. You know, without flour. But make them…yummy, I don’t want the boys to be disappointed and turn to annoy Whiskey  or dip their hands inside Amiko’s aquariums.”

Yes Baby, I know what gluten is.
And Baby, have I ever made something disappointing for our guests?

Cocky me :p

You must forgive my husband, he loves gluten. 
He loves his morning coffee with warm croissants, his pasta piled up high, his curry with stacks of naan, and his quattro fromaggi pizza. He believes gluten shapes the world. His world and lots of other fathers’ world who used to be frat boys.

But in my humblest opinion, come to think of it, gluten actually shapes the world and leaves fewer, if not much, options for people who are allergic to it. In my grand mama’s days, my mama’s, and my younger days, though I strongly feel and do look young right now but I would not bore you with my age issue, the number of people who were gluten intolerant, had celiac disease, or other conditions that required them to undergo a gluten-free diet were not as much as the number we have for the last 10 years. If you happen to notice, the business of healthy food is booming also in the last 10 years, at least here in Indonesia. It’s a wonderful thing though, it means that people have more awareness about their health and their beloved ones’ also it provides more variety of choices to have gluten-free foods.

It is an annoying fact that most people think gluten free foods are not delectable. More annoyingly that it is actually right. So I, and lots of other mothers, believe how important it is to have gluten-free foods especially snacks that will appeal to children and not make them feel obligated to eat those due to their conditions.

I believe food is love. My husband even said that I tricked him into marrying me because I made him endlessly crave for my peanut bar. 
Nope, It’s love. He just hates to say it out loud:D

Anyhow, I want those children to love what they eat. So the snacks should be yummy, not bland, and fulfill their diet requirements. Seeing children who are deprived from foods that their friends could eat could be really heartbreaking. So I want to make them happy in the simplest way, by giving them foods that when they eat it, they would have a BIG smile, almost watery eyes, and say.. EEEENNAKK! Trust me, I know lots of children like those personally.

I can even call this a bar of happiness.
It’s so yummy, high in fiber, and totally gluten free. I mix brown flax seed for a punch of grainy goodness with the oat and some Skippy to balance the taste of the chocolate. So, what will you possibly get if you melt chocolate and peanut butter? Heaven.

Order it now to enjoy this 'I cannot believe it's gluten-free' heavenly bar. Let the people around you who think gluten-free foods are not appetizing try these and I can guarantee you, it's gonna be a great 'I told you moment. 
Share these with your friends and be their boring day's savior. Hand these to your lovely children and you'll feel better about yourself for giving them healthy food and in returns, you'll have their smile. Precious.

*Keep refrigerated.

PS: If you're wondering who or what Whiskey is in the beginning of my post, Whiskey is a superbly beautiful Husky dog owned by a very lovable old man who lives across us:)

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