Friday, October 14, 2011

Seriously Healthy Brownies


What comes to your mind when you hear that word?
Love, chocolate, heaven, bliss, divine, comfort, true friend, the list could go on forever and I bet the word ‘sin’ will come up in that list. Yes, buttery, chocolatey brownies with oozing marshmallow is a true food for the heart. A tolerable sin.

Brownies have become the staple of women’s comfort food and you don’t need to have a broken heart or a problem to enjoy its blissful taste. You just give it to yourself as a simple reward for a day well spent.

But what if you happen to be watching your weight or you want to have a better health by consuming healthier food and still want to eat brownies? Sure you can. Just treat yourself with a bite. Oh, who are we kidding here? Who would only eat one bite? Unless the brownies ain't yummy. Me, I’d take the whole pan for myself.

My love for brownies, I find it cannot top my love for my family’s health. So I’m wrecking my brain to find a formula for heart friendly brownies. Admit it we shall that a cup of butter mixed with almost half a dozen of eggs, loads of sugar, and melted chocolate are not how you should express your true love to your family especially your kids. So I’m trying to cut those without sacrificing the purpose of eating brownies; Happiness in a bite.

Here is my take on brownies. It is BUTTER FREE, using ONLY WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, and YOLK FREE. Satisfied? No..I am not easily satisfied, I take things personally. I mix chunks of steamed APPLE in this brownies to add more fiber. The chocolate that I use is purely high quality dutch-processed cocoa powder not chocolate bars nor cooking chocolate. So you can be sure when I say butter free, it’s totally butter free.

Order now!
30x10cm for only Rp75.000
(The topping is almond and chocolate chip, you can have both, omit one, or plain.)
Note: Best eaten cold so keep it refrigerated.

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