Monday, October 31, 2011

Wheat Pumpkin Apple Muffin

Oh October, Oh Fall.

Where I live, October is not red, it’s not cold, and certainly there is no sight of carved pumpkins or paper ghouls, though we have never been short on real ghosts, or fall festivals celebrated. No farmers market to be seen, or people cheering about how gorgeous the apples are this year. Nevertheless I miss fall everyday. I love the romance, I love the brown and red and golden hue it paints. 

Being a Virgo, I love the flowers of springs and the life it brings but it’s too cheerful for my taste. Summer, I think it is my least favorite season. I don’t like to go out much and basking in the sun, the fashion is ridiculous and overpriced for a small amount of thin clothing. I am also not fond of hot weather. It simply makes it harder and tiring for me and my lovely pastries when we need to work together in the kitchen. So by all means, fall IS my favorite season not only for its glorious wisdom and richness but also because it prepares me for winter and all its calmness, humility, and occasional grim which is the next best thing that I love.

Ever since I was a child, I have always been captivated by Halloween. Up until now, whenever October comes around, I have that giddy childish feeling and my daughter also shares the same excitement. Too bad that her school doesn’t celebrate it and she feels quite annoyed by it. Usually, like the years before, we celebrate it with close friends and families. This year though, everyone is so busy and we can’t make time to even meet up. That agitates Amiko even more. So to make up for it, since she is a very forgiving child, I decided to make even more variety of Halloween snacks and dishes and she’ll get to decorate them.

One of those Halloween snacks are these Wheat Pumpkin Apple Muffin.

Since pumpkin is abundant for the whole year in Indonesia and it is of course associated dearly with Halloween, I have made these yummy, old fashioned pumpkin muffins that will remind you of autumn’s glory. Cinnamon and clove, our grandmothers’ favorite spices, blended flawlessly in the batter with apple bits in these muffins that’ll transport you back in time. I have to tell you that these are unbelievably moist. I did not use any butter for health reasons and the best part is, they can be frozen and still retain their flavor and moistness. Topped with pumpkin seeds, these lovely muffins can also be a good nutritious breakfast on the run anytime you need it. That is the beauty of living in Indonesia, great fruits and vegetables all year round doesn’t matter the month. Yay!

So place your order now!
6pcs Rp65.000
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