Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MaMiko's Vegan Guiltless Snacks

No more guilty feeling for snacking!

We all love to snack. Be it savory or sweet.

Every Idul Fitri, Christmas, or just about any time of the year we always provide our home with something to nibble when all the family members and friends get together. My goal is to make healthy snacks to make those happy moments merrier and not jeopardize the waist size J

MaMiko has three new vegan, melt in the mouth, snacks that are so delicious you won’t even realize they’re absolutely free from butter and eggs. If you are new to the word vegan; it is different with vegetarian. Vegan means no use of animal product. At all. Vegetarians still consume eggs or cow’s milk, but vegans don’t include any animal product so even egg is not used, cow’s milk is substituted with soy and almond milk, etc.

These snacks are created for people who love lean and healthy food even if they’re not vegan, who are on diets, and mostly.. for people who want to keep snacking without having to worry about how much fat and God-knows-what's-in-it may contain. It is great for all ages and safe for the elderly people who have high blood pressure because it contains very little amount of salt (1gr/400gr of dough).

There are three varieties:
-Vegan Mung Bean Almond
Slightly sweet just to compliment the sweetness of the mung bean.

-Vegan Red Bean Almond
Savory, no sugar added.

-Vegan Pea
Savory, no sugar added. You can choose between almond and cheese for kids.

All the balls are made from Balastra flour. The initial composition of Balastra flour is wheat flour (not white flour), brown and golden flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, rye flakes, edible wheat bran, potato flakes, rye flour, coarse ground spelt, rolled oats, wheat gluten, and wheat germs.

Sounds healthy? Of Course!

These products are dairy free, egg free, shortening free, and margarine free. I mill the mung bean flour, red bean flour, and the pea flour myself, so it’s absolutely preservatives and additives free.

Each bite sized balls is highly nutritious and packed with your daily need of fiber and protein.

Price for every I box of 500gr:
Buy 1 @Rp75.000
Buy 2 @70000
Buy 3 @65000

Contact me at 081.219219139
BB Pin is solely by request.

Let's be ready for healthier and happier life 

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