Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Rice Poppy Rolls

Another cold weekend.

Even though it is Saturday, Amiko is a kind of girl who can’t seem to enjoy the lazy rainy weekend morning. I knew it was raining around dawn, so I curled up in my super warm, super thick blanket and felt like it was the closest I had ever been to heaven. The moment was interrupted in a beautiful way by dozens of smoochies, which I found even more heavenly, from Amiko. I thought it must be around 7. How I was mistaken. It was still 6 o’clock and she woke me up saying that she wanted to go to the market to have some breakfast.


I could hear the rain pitter and pattering on my window sill at 6 am at Saturday morning and she asked us to go out? It took her around 30 minutes to drag me and her dad out of bed, then into the car, without taking a bath , though we faintly remembered to do a quick wash on the face and brushed our teeth.

So we had breakfast; some rice cakes with light curry. We bought insect stickers for her, lots of herbs for stocking up the kitchen, and last but never least, I had to always stop by at the baking ingredients shop to stock up on different kinds of flour to make bread. I came across different kinds of organic gluten free flour. I grabbed the fragrant red rice flour because I suddenly remembered having saved a dinner roll recipe made of red rice flour.

You can find the original recipe from mykitch3n here. I had to add more flour than stated in the original recipe because I decided to not add water and used all milk, afraid that the bun would turn out hard, and by doing so I stared at a pancake batter! I am not saying the original recipe is wrong, but I do know that substituting water with milk alone will never make a supposedly rather firm dough literally wet like a pancake batter. I thought it must be the red rice flour. So I modified the recipe because I determined to not ever let a bread recipe beat me.

175 gr bread flour (the original recipe requires 100gr)
100 gr red rice flour
15 gr sugar
2 gr salt
1tbs poppy seeds
4 gr instant yeast
2 tbs oil
140 ml milk (the original recipe calls for 60 ml of milk and 80 ml of water)

Now let’s make it!

Mix the dry ingredients well. Combine the milk and oil then stir into the flour. 

Knead until the gluten develops. This bread takes longer kneading time because even with the help of bread flour, red rice flour is gluten free.
Proof until it doubles in size.

Divide into 8 then shape into a ball. Let them rise again for around 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 175C then bake for 11-12 minutes.

What to do for an hour? Make pesto of course!

I do not have an exact recipe for pesto. 
I usually just throw in a really big bunch of basil, 2 or 3 fat celery stalks for some freshness and extra vitamins, 2 cloves of garlic, a big chunk of cheese, pine nuts or sunflower seeds, glugs of extra virgin olive oil, and a pinch or two of salt to taste. My work is even handier now. If I usually have to toast the nuts or seeds, now I just scoop in my Organic sunbutter. How lovely!


I have to say that this was the most filling bread I have ever eaten in my whole entire life. Just a bun and I felt full. Well, one and a half. I served this with the pesto and a bowl of creamy corn soup. I think it is a very nice combination. Plus it was starting to rain again while the rolls were still in the oven. So I think, all and all, it was a very humble and satisfying lunch.


When the rain stopped, I went out to  the porch to enjoy the nice after rain smell and a cup of hot green tea accompanied by the red rice roll, divided into two, and smothered with a dollop, ups..two--don’t tell anyone-- of very yummy yet so sinful German butter cream I kept secretly in the freezer from frosting lemon cupcakes last week.


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