Monday, October 8, 2012

10 Minutes ChocoFu Mousse

Being an elementary student in Indonesia is not an easy task. The long hours at school are so tiresome for the little darlings. Amiko is pretty lucky that her school isn't a school that gives tons of homeworks to its students. In fact, there is no homework at all. But still, for a second grader, a 7 to 3 schedule does give her a serious mood swings every now and then. Complaining about Indonesian curriculum is like talking to Patrick Star minus his comical features we all love. Nothing gets through. Then again, if I got by, I'm sure Amiko will get by also.

To make her happy when she gets home, I always do what my mom did back when was a kid; make sure there is a special treat no matter how simple it is. It did make me excited when I got home. All the problems at school, from mean friends to a teacher we all disliked, seemed to evaporate to thin air over a scrumptious treat mom made me. Girls, good food, a heart to heart conversation aka gossip; a perfect mood booster, methinks.

Here is a recipe, well —it is not exactly a recipe since all you have to do is melt some chocolate and press the blender button— that will actually make you feel intensely happy. Intensely happy because it is so very chocolatey and intensely happy knowing that it is by no means will make you fat. Oh, intensely happy that you only need 3 ingredients and 10 minutes, even less, to whip it up. This recipe is inspired by Cherry Chocolate Mousse Pie by Fat Free Vegan Blog. You can follow the original recipe to make the pie, if you feel like having pie. But as much as I love pies, there are days that I simply don't wanna be bothered by meticulous cooking. 


Makes 3 servings.

140 grams dark cooking chocolate, melted
180 grams natural silken tofu, no added egg, not flavored
1/2 tsp vanilla
*For mommies and daddies: 1 tbs brandy or rum... yum yum:)

10 fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
1 tbs balsamic vinegar
1 1/2 tbs granulated sugar

-Melt the chocolate on the double boiler
-Put the tofu and vanilla in the blender and blend until smooth
-Pour the melted chocolate (and the brandy or rum)
-Pour the mixture in serving glasses and refrigerate at least 4hours
-30minutes before serving, chopped the strawberries, mix with balsamic vinegar and sugar. Reserve in the refrigerator.
-Serve the mousse with the balsamic strawberries spooned on top.



Are you kidding me?

No. I kid you not. If I can trick my husband into eating this, so can you. Hmm, that statement really does not represent the whole me as a woman. But seriously, this mousse is so rich and yes, there is a hint of soy in it. Do not think of fried tofu, sapo, or mapo tofu when you hear the word tofu. Yes, it uses the same silken tofu but it yields a completely different result. It's like  chocolate soy milk only 10 times richer and creamier, bordering on ice cream. 

It is THAT good.

The problem with people and recipes is that no matter how easy the recipe is, there will always be one ingredient, or many times more than one, that will hold them back from going to the shop to purchase it then to the kitchen to cook it. I have a feeling that some would be drawn back because of the balsamic vinegar. Worry not, you can substitute the balsamic strawberry topping with any fruits that you like and skip the balsamic vinegar entirely. Blueberries, raspberries, mango, and peach are some of the best paired fruits for this lovely dessert.

A bit of chocolate a day, keeps a family happy.

Enjoy the busy bee day!

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