Sunday, November 11, 2012

Herbed Boule

Natural Cooking Club has a whole month of bread baking event. That just gives me an excuse to explore and bake more bread. Though the reason I make this bread is not just for that event. I had a mother-daughter time with mom yesterday. Since I knew already that I’d come over to her place, I had already prepared the dough in advance. I guess I got my love for bread from her. We know the best of flavors will only be achieved by a simple act of patience.

Her husband, my dearest step dad, recently got a heart attack. So it’s an all oatmeal health food diet for him. Since I already decided to bring them some bread, not the buttery, egg laden kind of bread, I concocted my 5 Minutes No Knead Bread. But with a twist. I just threw in different kinds of dried herbs available in my kitchen, cut the salt, all to make a loaf that is safe for him to eat, yet will satisfy my mother’s taste buds.

Now let’s get rolling with the recipe. I do not use my favorite Ballastra flour for this one, because I’m still unsure whether the different seeds and grains are already okay to be consumed by him. A simple whole wheat flour will do.

Makes four 1 pound loafs.

480gr all purpose flour
300gr whole wheat flour
1½ tbs instant yeast
3 ¼ cup water
1 tbs salt
¼ tsp rosemary, oregano, marjoram, basil, thyme (all dried)

To view the step by step photos on how to make it, please click here. 

Here are some more pics of my Herbed Boule.

I once saw a program in TLC. it was about Moroccan food. 

The local presenter said, "Cooking is the only art that makes sure you always have food on your table."

Indeed it is. 

And what good is art when you have no appreciation from the audience? 
In my case, my audience need not be the the world. But they are surely more important than the world itself to me. Seeing their happy faces when they take a bite of my bread and savor it is truly what makes these tired bones feel young eternally. 

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