Thursday, November 1, 2012

MaMiko's Granola

At first, these bars were only Amiko's snacks. But I sometimes give them as gifts for my friends who have gluten intolerant kids and my friends who loves healthy snacks. I must thank them for putting this wonderful Granola on their top 10 favorite snacks.

These little power bars have traveled further than myself J

From Paris to small remote island in Thailand they have been, along with my cousins and friends who brought them as travelling snacks. Travelling can be a tricky bit for some who concern about halal food, on a gluten free diet, or just need a handy dandy healthy homemade snacks. Bringing your own snacks is a great way to be sure of what you eat.  

This gluten free snack consist of all things healthy and yum; dried cranberries,  golden raisin, dried papaya, oat, rice krispies for a bit of crunch, whole almonds, and ground flax seeds to give you an Omega-3 boost.

Shelf life: 
-2 weeks at room temperature, or
-1 month refrigerated

Made in  30x10 pan
Cut to 12 pieces and wrapped individually for your convenience
Price Rp100.000,-

What are you waiting forJ
Call/text 081-219219139
BB Pin is given by request.

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