Thursday, November 1, 2012

Apple Oat Bar

I was asked by some of my customers to make some healthy brownies. I refer them to my Seriously Healthy Brownies. Some just love the uber dark chocolatey taste, though of course it is very dense because it contains no yolk and absolutely no butter, some are just still craving for fudgier brownies.

So I came up with a whole new recipe. It has all the texture real brownies should have but with lots of health bonus; Apple Oat Bar. It is actually supposed to be called a bar, not brownies, because it does not contain any chocolate. But since it has been receiving warm reviews from people who tried it and they just keep saying brownies, I'd say you can just call it: YUMJ

They are fudgy, just the right density, and has a crackly sweet top that just melts right away in the mouth. The oat makes gives it a surprising chewiness here and there and a hint of cinnamon compliments the apple.


Buy 1 Rp90.000/box
Buy 2 Rp80.000/box

Have this delicious treat delivered right to your doorstep.
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  1. No, there is no nuts in this bar.
    However, since I also cook with lots of nuts at home, this bar may contain traces of nuts.